Formerly Chasing Pirates

July 2015 

All Tapping the Well posts before July 10, 2015 were originally published on my Chasing Pirates site. In the transfer of material, I lost Follower info along with comments and replies. I apologize for this … If I was more tech-savvy, I probably could’ve figured out how to do it right. Oh well, live and learn, right? 😉

Please, “Follow” Tapping by entering your email information or by clicking on the “Follow” button (if you are a fellow blogger) via the sidebar on the right … Thank you!

Photo credit for Tapping goes to: Elaine Duigenan. I fell in love with the photo several years ago, when I spotted it on a Hallmark-type card. When Ms. Duigenan gave me permission to use it, she told me she’d nearly forgotten about it — an older photo of her then young daughter gazing down on the River Thames in London. This resonated deeply with me because some of my favorite memories as a young girl are of my summers in England with my grandparents. “The Thames” flowed through the town they lived in, 40 miles outside of London; it was more of a stream in Maidenhead, and I often stood on its banks — immersed in its peaceful beauty.

The Chasing Pirates’ site is now mostly devoted to political posts; other Pirates’ posts will also focus on serious topics — such as immigration, education, heathcare, the economy. If those sorts of themes interest you, please join me in the quest to make sense of it all. 

New Chasing Pirates logo/website … 

Chasing Pirates logo

Redesigned Chasing Pirates:

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