About Me

Outsource photoMany years ago, I planned that my college major would be Journalism; instead, I majored in English Literature and Secondary Education. I taught high school students for a couple years before I made my way back to journalism via “a back door.” I’ve sold ads, been an editorial assistant, a reporter, an editor, a communications specialist for government, educational and nonprofit institutions, and — now — a blogger … which makes me an Internet junkie. I literally believe the Internet is the best thing since sliced bread with butter. Lots of butter. šŸ˜‰

My other blog site isĀ Chasing Pirates; its themes are more serious, mainly politicalĀ and other social issues.Ā Regardless of my topic on Tapping or Chasing, I aim to be correct — with grammar and information. I neverĀ intend to offend; if your opinion differs from mine and others who comment, please be respectful. Thank you for reading and commenting.